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Building Blocks Model of Care Summary

The HCH Building Blocks Interactive Model of Care includes a vast set of resources to support the implementation of the model.

2.1 Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality improvement (QI) is the framework we use to systematically improve the ways care is delivered to patients.

6.3 Clinical & Cultural Leadership

Clinical and cultural leadership emphasises the importance of practice staff undertaking the leadership role.

7.1 Same Day Access & Appointment Systems

This is about implementing a schedule that reserves slots each day with a focus on access for Maori and other priority patients.

7.4 Clinical Phone Triage

Clinical Phone Triage is a core component of the Health Care Home model and is required to be implemented daily at the high traffic times.

8.1 Population Stratification

Population Stratification enables targeted primary care service delivery and helps reduce inequities in health outcomes.

9.1 Hauora / Wellness Plan

A Hauora Health Plan is a patient centred plan (either electronic or paper-based) that describes the care and support for patients.

10.1 Improving Health Equity

Equity recognises different people with different levels of advantage require different approaches and resources to get equitable health outcomes.

12.2 Cultural Needs

Cross cultural practitioner- patient interactions are common and practitioners need to be competent in dealing with patients whose cultures differ.

13.1 Alternatives To In Person Consults

Alternatives to in-person consults includes systems determined by what is most suitable to the patient.

14.1 Fully Functional Portal

Patient portals are secure online sites where patients can access their health information and interact with their general practice.

15.1 Patient Engagement

Patient co-design emphasises the importance of engaging with consumers in developing and delivering health care services.

18.1 Call Demand Monitored

Call management is the art of having the right number of skilled people and supporting resources in place at the right times.

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