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What is Health Care Home?

The Health Care Home (HCH) is a model of care based around the general practice and designed to improve the quality and sustainability of services as well as the experience of both patients and staff.

First introduced into New Zealand over a decade ago, it has now been incorporated into more than 200 general practices covering an enrolled population of over 1.45 million people. It is being continually refined and developed for our New Zealand context, with the most recently updated version of the model of care enhanced for equity, lived experience leadership and honours Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The Health Care Home model shifts the traditional system of general practice from one that is mostly reactive, to a more proactive, team-based approach that focuses on the individual needs of the patient and their whānau.  It is made up of a number of core elements, involving processes such as triaging patients to ensure urgent appointments are available to those who need them most; offering consultations by phone, video or email as well  in person; and taking a proactive and partnership approach to care for people with long term conditions such as asthma and diabetes.

HCHs has been framed in the context of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, of Wai 2575, of Pae Ora and Whānau Ora, to ensure that the HCH enhanced model of care embraces Māori models of health and its domains related to Māori world views, delivering tangible benefits for Māori and other priority populations.



Our Promise

Be a catalyst for change – help communities to translate system change, challenge thinking, and enable localised action.

Collaborate and facilitate – bring together community and locality leaders to learn from each other.

Influence – leverage efforts of our network to share the learnings and not reinvent the wheel.

Empower – build capability in our networks and communities committed to change.

Practical implementation – support the doing focused on what really matters to your local network.

Sustainable mahi – set up for sustainable implementation, supported by backbone organisations.

Champion – for resources to communities to achieve local outcomes.


Our Values

Acknowledging the mana of each party in order to create an environment of respect for different perspectives and behaviours.

Acknowledges the need for trust in doing the right things to ensure high quality systems and quality care.

Acknowledges a duty of care as a custodian that has the best interests of the patient/whānau and staff at heart.

Having empathy and nurturing the provision of quality care for whānau

There is an expected level of expertise by those delivering care and an obligation to do the best for patients and whānau

All whānau experience the same excellent health and wellbeing outcomes regardless of situation and challenges

All values +

Enhanced MoC

The enhanced MoC establishes a whānau-centric approach which enables primary care to deliver a better patient and staff experience, an improved quality of care and provide greater sustainability. .

Building Blocks

The HCH Model of Care core Building Blocks are designed to improve access to healthcare and develop its outcomes by making use of new resources such as telehealth, collaborating with a wider workforce and improving planned care.

Practice Journey

For a PHO implementing the Health Care Home programme several steps must be considered prior to implementation.  Find out more about the steps involved.

Patient Journey

The patient journey summarises an ideal experience of a metaphorical patient interacting with their Health Care Home.


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