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Clinical Triage Guidance Document – Practice Information

Components in this Clinical Triage guidance document can help provide a comprehensive understanding of clinical triage for healthcare professionals involved in the process and contribute to the delivery of effective and timely patient care.

7-4 Reception Scripting Example – Clinical Triage

An Example of Scripting and Clinical Triage Process for Reception and Telephonists in General Practice. 

Patient Partnership Resource Framework

Credit: Tū Ora Compass Health - Health Care Home Patient Partnership and Engagement Resource Framework. Supporting Resource includes templates and guidance

Clinical Assistant Delegation Policy and Framework 2023

Credit: Tū Ora Compass Health 2023 Clinical Assistant Delegation Policy and Framework.

A role design to help General Practice teams with inbox management reports and more.

Work Smarter not Harder to Improve Access – Video

Collaborative Aotearoa 2023 Conference - Dr Andrew Miller and Dr Janine Bycroft

Collaborative Aotearoa Wellbeing Wheel

A tool for patients to gauge where they fall within the various areas of hauora.

Clinical Assistant Position Description

A job description Template outlining the responsibilities of the Clinical Assistant role.

Health Care Home Clinical Assistant Presentation 2022

Credit: Tū Ora Compass Health - A short presentation on the Clinical Assistant role as part of the Health Care Home. 

Continuous Engagement Presentation

Collective Action with Communities 

Metrics that Matter Presentation

Collective Actions with Communities.

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