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Defining & Planning your Backbone Presentation

Collective Actions with Communities.

What Matters to Whānau Presentation

Collective Actions with Communities.

Leadership, Culture, & Iwi Partnership Presentation

Collective Actions with Communities.

Investigating the Effectiveness of Virtual Treatment via Telephone Triage in a New Zealand General Practice

A piece of research, undertaken by Andrew Ure, which aims to assess the effectiveness of Telehealth in Aotearoa GPs.

How to Use a Pulse Oximeter – Video

How you can use a Pulse Oximeter to help you and your whānau manage Covid.

Clinical Triage and Telehealth Resources

Recorded Webinar - to assist you with Clinical Triage and telehealth.

The 4 C’s (Opening a Video Consultation)

Credit: ProCare - The 4 key C's you need to make your Video or Telehealth Consultation Run Smoothly

How to Set Up Video Consultations

Credit: ProCare - Tips on setting up video consults.

Reach Out: Virtual Nan

Engaging whānau in virtual appointments - Video

Benefits of Video Consultations

Credit: Procare NZ

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